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We are a casual, neighborhood wine bar known for positive energy, tasty food, great drinks, and witty banter. A relaxing, rejuvenating respite where you can chat with friends over a glass – or bottle – of vino.

We offer a wide variety of vintages from around the globe. Nothing too pretentious and nothing too expensive. Just excellent wine at an excellent value.

Additionally, we offer a selection of beers, seltzers, and ciders to quench your thirst. Of course, Busch Light is on the menu! This is a Minnesota bar after all. Our wine is fine, but we also have pull tabs and meat raffles.

You won’t find any fried, frozen foods at Kings 46. We serve freshly made charcuterie, flatbreads, salads, and hearty, homemade soups. All our delicious meats are imported from Italy. And our delectable cheeses come from Spain, Holland, Italy, France and the good old USA. (We’re not fancy but our food kinda is.)

We strive to be the perfect place to escape the hectic headaches of daily life. We invite you to sit back and relax on one of our comfy chairs and couches. And don’t worry about trying to talk over a blaring TV. Instead, enjoy the groovy tunes playing in the background on our old-school

record player.

Pop by sometime and uncork, unplug and unwind!


Katie and the Kings 46 Staff


Meet The Owner


Katie has been bartending for more than 30 years. She has worked in various cities at all kinds of bars, including a few legendary establishments like Hogs and Heifers in New York City and the Roxy Theater in Atlanta.

A Minnesota native, Katie eventually moved back to her home state. She continued doing what she does best – slinging drinks while entertaining patrons with her sarcastic wit. Eventually, she

realized that while she was grateful for all her opportunities, she wanted to become a boss babe and open her own place.

That’s about when an opportunity came knocking, and she answered the door. A space became available just a few blocks from her house. Katie wasn’t sure she could make it happen. (She

was a bartender, not a millionaire, after all.) But with tremendous support from friends, family, and the community, she did it.

The result is Kings 46 … Katie’s vision of the perfect wine bar. A chill place with an art deco vibe

where people can enjoy great conversation, food and drink.

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