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Help Make Kings 46

a Reality 


Hello My Friends, 


I've recently been given an opportunity to open my own bar. Kings 46 will be a neighborhood hangout with fantastic wine and beer, along with small plates to share. (You bet there will be fancy meats and cheeses!) And of course, live music from time to time. 


I've been working my ass off at bars and restaurants for 30 years. And I’ve wanted to open my very own perfect bar for decades. I finally have the chance. 


I have so many hopes, dreams and plans for this space. But I need your help. I'm applying for loans but it's not going to be enough. I love helping people. But I hate asking for help. Now I have to ask for donations if this is going to become a reality. 

Bottom line: I need to raise money. Any amount – no matter how small – is appreciated.

With any donation, you will receive my eternal love and gratitude. But I have a few sponsorship levels for those interested. With these donations, I’ll be giving something back to you. 

Court Jester $500

Have your own Sunday-Funday party at the bar. I’ll provide nibbles, a $200 bar tab and staff. 

Knight’s Table $200

Get my "soup for the soul" every Wednesday for the first year the bar is open. And you’ll savor the soup in your very own ceramic bowl personalized with your name – or the moniker I’ve given you.

Royal Court $100

Be the first to experience Kings 46 at an exclusive pre-opening donor event. Enjoy two free drinks, live music and complimentary apps. 

King Among Men (and Women) $250

Receive both Knight’s Table and Royal Court offerings.

Now what if the bar doesn't open? All money will be refunded. I've set up a special PayPal account just for donations. This money won't be touched unless Kings 46 moves forward, and I'm able to make this happen.  


Spring Fling Tickets

One Sunday in the spring, wouldn't you like to get to try all of the spring menu items with one free drink of your choice? Get your Spring Fling tickets now! Just $25 for this special invitation. 50 tickets available.

Make a donation of $25 or more to secure your ticket!


If you prefer to send a donation, please mail it to me at:


Katie King
46 Linden Avenue South

P.O. Box 339

Maple Lake, MN 55358


I will be posting updates on my FaceBook page. So you can see the progress and get updates on the amount of money raised. It takes a village yo.


If you’re not in a position to donate, I totally understand. I just ask that you consider sharing this with friends and family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


I love you all, 

Katie, Future Owner of Kings 46

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